Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Korean Women's Beauty Secrets

Do you like watch Korean dramas and adore the beauty of korean women ? Apparently there is a secret behind their smooth faces. Some are born lucky blessed with a beautiful face, but others do some things to get the beauty.


Well, what are the secrets of Korean women in order to look beautiful and cute? Consider the following;

1. Plastic surgery. It is not strange if Korean women, including the artist, plastic surgery to look more attractive. Usually they fix the face shape is the nose, eyelids, chin, and cheeks.

2. BB cream. BB cream is a kind of face cream foundation that has a formula to moisturize, soften, brighten, while improving skin texture so supple and white. In Indonesia are now circulating various types of BB cream that began favored by women in Indonesia.
3.Eye liner. To improve the appearance of a woman's eyes were narrow and wistful Korea, they use eye liner to make the eye look bigger and sharper. It is a mainstay of cosmetic Korean women.

4.Natural eyebrows. If you notice eyebrows Korean women, it would appear that they had shaved eyebrows and molded to stay in line as was done by the women of Indonesia. Merely trimming their eyebrows just to keep a natural look.

5.  Sunscreen. Korean women do not get their flawless skin without effort. They keep a variety of treatments including the use of sunscreen or sun block.
6. Natural foods. If you notice in a lot of Korean dramas, food consumption is often their natural food such as kimchi, cabbage is a vegetable, and fish, fisheries. Very rarely seem them eating junk food instead? Such a lifestyle is the secret they get a healthy and beautiful skin.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Don't Eat This Food Before Sleep

If you have a habit of snacking before bed, then you should avoid foods that contain fat or excess calories. These foods can trigger some kind of disease if you eat before bed.

Choose fruits such as apples or popcorn without salt and sugar as a healthy snack before bed. Here are some foods that you should avoid to be used as a snack before bed;

1. Coffee and chocolate. If you want to sleep well and not be bothered by the feeling of wanting to urinate several times, then stay away from drinking coffee before bed. The caffeine contained in coffee has a diuretic effect that triggers the kidneys. Chocolate also contains caffeine, and sugar is not good if consumed before bed.
2. Spicy chips. The chips are usually the result of fried foods contain trans fats. Spicy flavor that is used can make stomach discomfort and heartburn or heat effect on the chest. There you will not sleep, drowsiness and even loss of snacking more and more of other foods.

3. Sweet foods. For example, biscuit, ice cream, cake, and more. The sugar content in these foods will only add fat deposits in your body because during sleep, it did not used.

4.Soft drinks. Controversy soft drinks with high sugar content is still ongoing. So you should not drink too much, especially at bedtime. He can lead to diabetes and heart disease.

5.Fries. French fries, hamburgers, and other junk food should be avoided as far as you want to snack before bed. All of the material has trans fat, sugar and minimal vitamins bad for your health.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Many people think that a woman who is naturally beautiful look they had been born with the gift of beauty as seen. In fact, a look behind the hidden beauty of effort and cost of expensive for an appearance that looks pretty natural.

Disheveled hair soft, straight and shiny. Smooth facial skin without blemishes, and eyes, and nails healthy, all take care. Do not ask how much time and money spent on a natural beauty.

Even the cost for a natural-looking appearance, is more expensive when compared to the cost of the engineered beauty makeup.

This is due to hard work and the time it takes a woman to make them appear natural beauty stand out.

For example, a silky soft hair naturally treated it took about 3 to 4 months before it can look pretty natural.

But with artificial treatment, rebonding and clamp with, hair soft and straight can appear instantly. But does the risk of hair damage will be greater.

Silky smooth skin will naturally take a long time and the process lengthy and costly treatment. But with waxing, vitamin C injections, or botox, the skin will instantly appear smooth and seamless.

Choice is in your hands, whether choosing to look naturally beautiful, but cost a lot and a long time, or instant pretty durable but not risky.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

How to Overcome Oily Skin and Take care

Got oily skin definitely makes you a little less confident performing in front of people especially in front of your loved ones because you will be less care for your skin and you will definitely be labeled as people who lack clean or something.

Oily SkinAverage average Indonesian people do have oily skin due to the Indonesian region are included in the tropical and temperate enough heat and stinging skin. To cause oily skin itself can be caused by two factors: external factors such as hot weather, and internal factors such as heredity or in or because of hormonal.Well, if you are one who have oily skin. You should read the post this time as we will discuss how to overcome the natural oily skin.  

Consider the following tips:1. Bengkoang / Yam Mask
Yam is very popular for the treatment of oily skin because your skin is cool and the water content a lot. How mebuatnya was fairly easy, with grate 1 piece of yam are still fresh, then put the grated yam pieces in your face as a mask. Instead let stand for 30 minutes to 1 hour so that the content can be absorbed into the yam pieces of your skin.

2. Avocado Mask

No less a yam, avocado is also very well known as one of the natural ingredients to treat oily skin because it contains vitamin E for good skin health. The way is 200 grams of avocado puree, lau paste on your face as a mask for 1 hour. Then wash your face with cold water to properties more effectively. 
3.Aloe Vera Mask
Not only good for your hair, aloe vera is also good for your skin is oily. Way to take one leaf aloe vera then separate the flesh and puree and aloe vera is ready to be used as a mask.

4.Egg White Mask

 It's the easiest you do and you get. The trick, separate the egg whites first with egg yolk. Then apply egg white diselurh your face, let it dry out. 
How to Take Care of Oily Skin
After learning how to cope with oily skin, it's time you know how to  care for oily skin that keep your skin healthy and free of oil. The following tips:

  • rinse your face with warm water, this helps to make your skin impurities caused by oily skin you. As we know, one result of oily skin is causing blackheads and pimples.
  • Avoid using soaps that contain alcohol because it can make your oily skin worse
  • picky cosmetics, choose cosmetics that do not contain alcohol and excess chemicals. We recommend that you use natural cosmetics.
  • Pay attention to your body weight, obese people usually face more oily because there is a pile of fat and skin on the bottom will be easy bereksi if the weather is hot and when you are tired.
So how to cope and care for oily skin, the most important thing after you are done reading the above tips. Try to always do the above tips so that your skin is not oily again.

Wrong Myths Regarding Treating Hair Loss

Loss of hair is one problem that is often experienced by women. They have treated the hair back to health. But without realizing it you may mistakenly treat hair because it follows the myth.

Like the myth that hair loss should not need to be combed, because the conditions are fragile even make easy hair ripped from the roots. It is a false myth.

"It should be more courageous combing. Yang held the hair on our scalp is collagen. Collagen is if it is not so flexible so petrified hair loss. Then need scratching exercise with hair. Need exercise scalp with a comb or fingers. So if someone said do not comb my hair is falling out because again, it's wrong, "said hair stylist, Chandra Gupta.

Chandra suggested that scratching and combing your hair as often as possible. It was to flatten the hair and collagen to prevent the deposit is so petrified.

So, what is the cause of hair loss? Chandra explains, hair loss occurs due to the sensitive scalp, oily or because of stress. Signs of hair loss can be seen from the color of hair. If the color of tawny hair, it's a sign that the collagen in your hair causing loss was petrified.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


According to the study, one in 10 women will develop breast cancer, which is caused by the modern lifestyle. To avoid this, start getting used to maintain breast health by eating healthy foods.Diligent eat green vegetables and fruits are one way to reduce the risk of breast cancer.  

As quoted from the health, here are some of the vegetables and fruits that can maintain the health of your breasts.

1. Carrots 
Research conducted at Harvard University, the United States said that eating foods that contain a lot of carotene per day can reduce the risk of breast cancer. One of the vegetables that contain a lot of carotene, is a carrot.His own study involving 5707 women with breast cancer and 6389 healthy women. The results showed that by eating foods rich in carotene twice a day can lower the risk of cancer by 17%.2. 

2. Broccoli
Duxin Sun, a professor of pharmaceutical sciences at the University of Michigan said, "The compound in broccoli called sulforaphane has been studied previously for its effects on cancer. Study shows that the beneficial compounds to prevent and eliminate breast cancer cells".As an object experiments, the researchers used mice that had been given breast berkanker sulforphane. They monitor the number of stem cell cancers in mice tumors. Researchers found that cancer cells produce less and less new tumor cells.  

By Max S. Wicha, Director of the University's Centre for Cancer konfrehensif, this research could be a potential treatment. Broccoli compound may be combined with other compounds to eliminate breast cancer stem cells.3. ParePare, vegetables with a bitter taste it has amazing properties. Pare was able to protect women from the dangers of breast cancer. In a study published in Cancer Research, researchers addressing breast cancer cells from humans with bitter melon extract. Extracts of bitter melon is known to slow the growth and even kill breast cancer cells are.According to Rachael Ray, professor of pathology from Saint Louis University, bitter melon extract can kill cancer cells without disrupting healthy cells in the body. But the content of bitter melon is beneficial for breast health, it still needs toinvestigated further, both in animals and humans. The researchers suggest, especially to women, it could not hurt to consume bitter melon as a breast cancer prevention. 

4. Berri Fruit
All types of berries can fight various cancers. But black berry contains a very high concentration of phytochemicals, called anthocyanins. Gary D Stoner, PhD, professor of Ohio explained that anthocyanins can slow down the growth of premalignant cells (cancer causing) and form new blood vessels.The content of vitamins, fiber and antioxidants in the berry also helps eliminate free radicals and other toxins from the body. Antioxidants and fiber also plays an important role in protecting the body from all forms of cancer, especially breast cancer. 

5. Orange
Almost everyone knows that vitamin C is the most powerful antioxidants, which can effectively maintain breast health. The more often consume, the more antioxidants in your body.  

This fruit also has an important role to increase immune sitem.

6. Lychees
A study showed that, lychee fruit is known to suppress the growth of cancer cells. This is because lychees contains numerous flavonoids, that are effective against breast cancer.Besides vitamin C in it can also fight heart disease, maintain healthy bones, skin and tissue. If fever or sore throat, can also be overcome by eating lychees. This fruit also helps the body to absorb essential nutrients from food. 

7. Tomatoes
Lycopene in tomatoes may help protect against breast cancer, cervical cancer and heart disease. These substances also have the potential to make you look younger, because some studies have revealed that lycopene may help protect the body against damage caused by UV rays from the sun

Sunday, July 22, 2012


Fast food is readily available and tastes deliciously often regret after consumption, especially for women. For Stephanie King, his addiction to fast food for the past 4 years making it almost can not be a mother.

Women from Kirkcaldy, Fife, UK is addicted to fast food started when she worked at McDonald's outlets at the age of 16 years. When Stephanie bodied just started working normally wear size 12, but due to rations fed three times a day from work the weight gain of about 50 pounds and measures a size 24 clothes to skyrocket.

The 22-year-old woman had become addicted to eating junk food so that the calories consumed per day is 4000 calories, twice the amount of calories per day are recommended for women.

Because of his addiction, then Stephanie would not eat any food other than fast food. "Even when I'm not working, I get rid of home cooking and buy a Quarter Pounder (a brand of hamburger)," he told The Sun.
Originally Stephanie felt fine, until the age of 20 menstrual cycles stop. Feeling worried, Stephanie checked her condition to the doctor and learned that the unhealthy diet that can make it not get pregnant. In addition, the sugar content in fast food also affects experienced extreme mood changes.

After that, Stephanie had to change his diet and join a weight loss center named Scottish Slimmers. His efforts are not in vain, now Stephanie weighed 66 kg and wear size 10. Stephanie had quit his old job and never touch fast food again.

During the process of weight loss, always supported by his girlfriend Stephanie Fraser who accept what they are. Now the lovers desire to have offspring can come true and they plan to get married in 2014. "Now I feel the spirit instead of fear on the way down the aisle on my wedding day," said Stephanie